Immediately after our European Altar building trip was the “Expository Preaching Camp” in Hong Kong, very hectic indeed. It felt like God was urgently revealing certain thing to us. For example, we arrived at the Martin Luther Reformation site, and as we stood at the main church gate at Wittenberg early that morning, God used a most obvious approach to say to us: 3 fire-fighting Engines, two police cars and one ambulance, all sounding their sirens, all coming to a halt before us. This impression together with what goes on around us, showing to us that the revelation is increasingly clearer and...

Becoming The Head Over All Things

Speaker : Rev. Esther Kong
Date :2017-11-19

Testimony : Peng Peng

Have Faith in the will of God, me & my household are blessed!



" So I prophesied as he commanded me, and the breath came into them, and they lived, and stood up upon their feet, an exceeding great army "
GA611 Bread of Life
In 1997, we built a covenant with God because He stirred up our passion for revival, we vowed to become the spiritual police of Malaysia, to willingly pray fervently until the country changes. From that moment on, God has led us step by step on the road of change and into spiritual mapping and vision. In 2001 God pushed our prayer warriors to pray, worship and seek God through the night with different churches in the Klang Valley and their pastors and leaders for two and a half years.The year 2002 was a hard year because accepting visions and completing prophecies requires praying a price and courage. We experienced a difficult spiritual warfare, almost destroying my life, and also causing my visions to be close to dead. When I was on the verge of giving up, I was fortunate enough to have a group of close friends beside me, accompanying and supporting us. They even offered up the first sum of travelling expenses to “The Call”.
GA611 Bread Of Life