611 OLI – Exhortation and Blessings

November 18, 2020

Exhortation and Blessings

The heavens and earth are being shaken Only those founded on the rock shall prosper

Principal Pastor Joshua Cheung

Throughout 2021, the whole world has been fighting hard against the virus. The whole world is being turned upside down; and the shaking is accelerating. Under this situation, can we endure the test?...more

An integrated vessel shall spearhead the end-times mission

The Dean Pastor Jason Wang

In Acts chapter 8, we read that the church in Jerusalem was facing intense persecution led by Saul. In chapter 9, Saul turned to Christ and his name was changed to Paul. He raised up his own disciples shortly after. People began to seek his life and persecute him greatly. Although Paul received the vision to take the Gospel to the gentiles, the door was yet to be opened. God needed to a unique gentile to come to faith so that the Jewish Church might accept gentile believers...more