611 OLI – FAQs

November 21, 2020


1. What is the difference between the「Practical Pastoral Ministry Diploma」and ordinary Pastoral Diploma?

  • The online 611 Leadership Institute (GA611) focuses on the balanced development of the life, Scripture, Spirit and Church series, as well as the receiving of visions, the passing down of anointing, and practical internship in these areas. It is different from the academic diploma in general seminaries, therefore it is only issued as a Practical Pastoral Ministry Diploma.

2. Are there any academic qualifications for enrolling in the online 611 Leadership Institute (GA611) ?

  • As there is no academic qualification needed to follow Jesus, there is no academic qualification for admission to the online 611 Leadership Institute (GA611).【Acts 4:13】Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were uneducated and untrained men, they marveled. And they realized that they had been with Jesus.
    The traditional academic concept of running a school is “Strict Admission, Easy Graduation”, but the concept of running a school renewed by the Holy Spirit is “Easy Admission, Strict Graduation” as for many are called, but few are chosen.【Matt 22:14】

3. Does the online 611 Leadership Institute (GA611) have any scholarships or financial assistance for those in need?

  • Students in the online 611 Leadership Institute (GA611) learn to look up for God's supply by faith, thus, we encourage students to practice their faith and look forward to God's providence.
    However, if potential students own debts, it is not advisable to study in GATI as you will not be bearing a good testimony in this area.
    If you need any financial assistance, a letter must be written by your church pastor. (The final decision will be made by GA611 BOL)

4. I am clearly aware of my full-time calling, but my spouse does not agree for me to study in the online 611 Leadership Institute (GA611). Should I still enrol in faith?

  • The unity of husband and wife is what God values, thus, you can pray more and wait for your spouse to agree before applying.

5. My MG12 already consists of 2 cell leaders, and the number of people in my tribe is more than 20 people. Do I need to have 2 additional cell leaders when participating in the online 611 Leadership Institute (GA611) for two years?

  • No need. The internship requirements of the MG12 cell group are only to ensure that students can truly understand the philosophy and practices of the MG12 structure. Therefore, there is no need to add two more cell leaders. However, it is still necessary to maintain having two cell leaders and at least 20 people in the tribe upon graduation. The Leadership Institute encourages the students to continue to practice and shepherd the MG12 group, and become a blessing to more people. Moreover, the quality and quantity of the MG12 group system are closely related to academic performance.

6. If I come from overseas or outstation to study in GA611, how can I solve the problem of accommodation?

  • Full-time students can choose to: Rent your own suite.
    We encourage students with great financial ability to purchase houses and provide accommodation for other students.
    Classmates of three or four people can rent a house together (suitable for students who are studying at the same time).

7. My church has a structure of 5x5. Do I need to use the MG12 structure for church internship?

  • The concept and practice of the MG12 group is an important feature of this school. In principle, it is recommended that students can observe and learn the characteristics of MG12 in the two-year study period, but the school will still respect the final decision of the senior pastor who supports the student financially. However, if the respective church does not adopt any structure, the school hopes that you may practice your internship in a church with MG12 structure.

8. I just believed in the Lord for less than a year, and I know very little about the Bible, but I want to equip myself. I am worried that I cannot keep up with the progress of the school. What should I do?

  • If you believe in the Lord for less than two years, you are encouraged to take the equipping courses first.

9. If I have a contract at work, is it possible to break the contract in order to study in the online 611 Leadership Institute (GA611)?

  • God is the God of Covenant. Unless God makes preparations and performs miracles, it is recommended to go to GATI after the contract.