611 Online Leadership Institute (GA611 Branch Campus)

November 17, 2020

Available Courses

Introduction to 611 Online Training Institute

Based on the truth of the Bible, influence life. From year 2020 onwards, 611 Online Training Institute recruit internationally, with bilingual translation, welcome the end-time harvesting! Upon this global pandemic, let us prevail over the pandemic, connect with 33 churches in 11 countries, and non-stopped equipping!

Exhortation and Blessings

… God has called 611 to be a vibrant Tree of Life, bearing much fruit. Its leaves are for the healing of the nations to display the glory of God. Moreover, it is equipping many to become Trees of Life so that together we serve God. 611 Leadership Institute was born with this vision in mind, and it continues to move forward with this mission.


Institute's Features

1. Despite lockdown due to pandemic, we speed up training for the upcoming revival

2. Based on the Fragrance of the Tree of Life

3. Brand new four major series 


The Must-Knows

Am I suitable to join the Training Institute? Class schedule, venue, modules


Class Schedules

Date, time, schedules 



Are there any academic qualifications for enrolling in the 611 online Leadership Institute (GA611) ? If I have a contract at work, is it possible to break the contract in order to study in the online 611 Leadership Institute (GA611)? 


Photo Gallery

Eventful, be equipped and be built together, mission trips, and live out the influence power of the tree of life 


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