The Love of Jesus Set Me Free and Restore Me
In the past, I was a lone-ranger, depressed, isolated from others, and unhappy. After entering the Leadership Institute, the students were very enthusiastic; the teachers also worked hard to educate the students. In an environment of love and trust, I slowly let down my guard. Now, I can express my thoughts more openly and live more relaxed and joyful life. Thank you God for healing me and restoring my relationships with people. Glory to God!...more

Be Humble, Receive Grace Rely on God and Breakthrough

In the past, I was very rational, self-centered, focused on the right and wrong of things, closed off and defended myself. Through the Leadership Institute, I learned to be humble, accept and understand the feelings of my wife and children, and our relationship became closer. Additionally, God healed and restored my love and trust in people. Now I can work with ease and joy. Thank God! ...more

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