GA Marketplace Leadership Institute (MLI)

November 18, 2020

Introduction to GA Marketplace Leadership Institute

A Troop of Great Army in the Marketplace is Rising Up. Through Christians like us to bring forth God’s Kingdom into every corner of society.
Team of Teachers

Together with GA611 Senior Pastors, the Steering Committee, experienced teachers and leaders of the marketplace, we create a strong team of teachers! Together, we practicalise the biblical truths in the marketplace ...more


Courses focus on improving our job capabilities, business ethics, leadership skills and authority ...more

The Must-Knows

Am I qualified for enrolment? What are the criteria for graduation? How should I enrol myself? Please click into the links below for more details:

Enrolment for GA611BOL Congregation

Student's Testimonies

Students from the previous years are here to share! Through GA Marketplace Leadership Institute, we have gained...more

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Tel: +(60) 17 351 2600

Person In-Charged: Pr Moses

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