MLI Student’s Testimonies

November 19, 2020

Student's Testimonies

Building altars in my family and marketplace has changed the spiritual atmosphere. My relationships with my family and colleagues have greatly improved, with less quarrels and cold war.
Simon Chin Sales Manager · Automotive Industry
The “Dancing with the King” module helped me to restore my relationship with my boss, not fearing the authorities, and train me to become a better leader.
Alisa Kong Omnichannel Logistics Manager (Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei) · MLM Marketing
Daily Bible reading and Scripture memorizing have enhanced my memory. 《God First, People Next then the Earth》enables me to put my priorities right and to handle issues without panicking.
Lin Jui Yung Director · Chemical Industry
The Leadership module has taught me how to be a better leader, to take charge, to communicate and not to be afraid to handle conflicts, which is necessary to ensure success of the team.
Victoria Loh Operations Manager · Financial Institution
I’m able to finish reading the whole Bible twice in these 2 years which I was not able to before enrolling to MLI.
Elisa Ooi Nutritionist · Food Industry
Practicing the essence of the courses into my daily life, I have learnt to express myself, listen and to lead. My social circle expands and business opportunities have increased.
Nixon Siow Founder & Artist · Literary and Artistic Creation
Applying God’s principles in the marketplace, I have received a promotion to be in-charge of a course, expand my boundaries to international universities and corporate, influencing thousands in a year.
Wendy Tee Lecturer/Corporate Training Consultant · Education Industry
The “Leadership Skills” module gave me a new perspective and attitude towards teamwork: to trust and understand my teammates, and these bring unity and great outcomes.
Philip Toong Director · Chemical Industry
Building myself on the foundation of the Core Values helps me to distinguish the worldly values with the Truth, and to make decisions that please God’s heart.
Susie Wong Civil Engineer · Engineering Industry
“Financial Management in God’s Kingdom" taught me to manage my finances using the heavenly thoughts, to know how to offer with a willing heart and to bless others. God has blessed me more than what I've ever thought!
Jannie Wong Lawyer · Advocates & Solicitors
To be a righteous leader, l have learned to be loyal with my work and walk the talk. With theses, we gain the trust of others.
Richard Hoo Sales and Marketing Manager · Industrial
I’m able to develop stronger relationships with my team, as I learned to be more secure in God. Trusting God for certain outcomes, be patient with people and have better understanding of their strengths and needs resulted in improved performance and enhanced capabilities in my team.  
Boaz Lam IT Consultant · eBusiness Solutions
I learned to be a leader and learned ways to manage my time and relationships with my workers.  I learned to be humble and patient to stand on their points of view and help them overcome their struggles.  
Kingston Lim Assistant Supervisor of Car Mechanic · Automotive Industry
The “Security or Sabotage” module allows me to understand and handle insecurities. I regained my confidence, and am no longer fearful.
Ng Hui Sun Financial Planner · Financial Industry