MLI Student’s Testimonies

November 19, 2020

Student's Testimonies

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Building altars in my family and marketplace has changed the spiritual atmosphere. My relationships with my family and colleagues have greatly improved, with less quarrels and cold war.
黄惠珊 财富规划师


柯凌嘉 业务发展总监


吴秀美 幼儿园园长


林艳梅 CAA校长兼教育总监


詹志豪 企业资源规划系统顾问


Koem Mey Mey 家庭主妇

I have learned to not just to think who I want to become , and start to be and working on who I want to become.

Kingston Lim Supervisor

I was able to improve the way I manage my emotions in the office. This led to breakthroughs in my relationship with a fellow colleague.

Boaz Lam IT Consultant

《Dance with the King》 brings transformation in my relationship with my superior and colleagues, when I learn to humble and understand their perspective.

Barnabas Foo Project Designer

Dare to dream big. I now have the courage to actually make an effort to glorify God and make my dream come true.

Brenda Cheah Freelance Bookkeeper

Through 《Financial Management》, I have gained some insights on how to resist the typical advertisement tactics and controlled spending on unnecessary things or matters.

Edmund Sia Sales Manager