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June 4, 2016


Teachers GA611BOL teacher team
Course Content 1. Biblical View of Marriage - To get know God's intention for marriage and the successful marital relationship.
2. Biological Family’s Blessing - To recognize the blessings and the curses from the biological family which effects marriage. To get healed by Jesus Christ.
3. Knowing Each Other - Mutual indepth understanding, expressing pent-up emotions.
4. Financial Management and Wedding Preparation - Learning to planning and preparations for wedding and handle some problems during the preparation.
5. The Blessing of Sex in Marriage and Family Planning - To understand the meaning and importance of "sex" in marriage correctly, as well as know how to appreciate it.
6. The Truth Behind a Marriage that Never Grows Old - Learn to have a blessed marriage through thanksgiving, offering and mutual contribution … (or deposit)
Description the courses These courses will aid the person who wants a marriage and know the true meaning of marriage and the roles of husband and wife.


Teachers Rev Esther Kong & Rev Amos Heng
Course Content

Teachings that explain complicated matters in simple terms, compiled with testimonies of real life experiences and practices, guide students to have a new understanding on the true meaning and promises of marriage. To understand the challenges and conflicts of marital life and thus, obtains the key to a blissful marriage. Step on the blessed marital rainbow bridge with your spouse!

Registration qualifications:
Married, participate consistently in cell group for more than 3 months.

Course fees RM 60 per couple, including lunch and TJTA personality test
Note Limited seats, only up to 30 couples


Teachers GA611BOL Teaching Team
Course Contents As the church is in the flow of Jesus 5252, keeping contact with people and building friendship are very important. We welcome all to participate in the “tips on visitations” course to learn effective people skills. Let us spread the love of God to the crowds!


Teachers GA611BOL Teaching Team
Course Objective This course not only teaches you how to be a good helper to your leader, but only strategically teaches your disciples to become your good helpers.
Course Feature Mandatory course for cell leaders