GA Marketplace Leadership Institute (MLI)

November 18, 2020

Short-Term Course Open for Enrolment


GA Marketplace Leadership Certificate

  • Suitable for those who are willing to influence the marketplace for God 
  • Cater to those who has a calling for full-time ministry, while awaiting confirmation


  • Baptized Christians
  • Agreed with church’s vision 【Isa 61:1】&【Eze 37:10】
  • Completed the Basic Compulsory Courses: Encounter Camp, Growing Towards Maturity and Army of Christ
  • Committed to a cell group of GA611 BOL


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Job Responsibility

  • The Top 10 Characteristics of Spiritual CEOs
  • The Leader as a Coach: Building an Effective Team
  • Interview Skills
  • DISC Test
  • The Power of Testimony


  • Marketplace Altar
  • The Anointing of Dining Together
  • Spiritual Mapping

Business Ethics

  • Dancing with the King
  • Set Boundary: Victory & Freedom in Life
  • Marketplace Emotional Management
  • The Power of Covenant
  • Bible Courses


  • Leadership Skills
  • The Decisiveness of A Leader
  • Financial Management in God’s Kingdom - Financial Freedom
  • Marketplace Ministry


Live out Love and Trust

Karen Lee · Head of Tax Department

I faced immense challenges taking over as the HOD, including interactions with clients, handling staff relationships, and decision-making. MLI courses instilled the church's core values, "Grace before Truth," changed my approach from hands-on micromanagement to trust and love my subordinates, delegate tasks and improve interpersonal relationships. These changes blessed my work, fostering a positive atmosphere. All glory to the Lord! ...more

Transformation in Marketplace: There is A Way Out

Abegail Chong · Manager - Claims

At first, I focused solely on work and lacked in communication skills. Upon promotion to manager, I did not understand customer needs, resulted in tensed relationship and had difficulties in assessing and assisting subordinates. Through MLI, I learned effective communication, understand the needs of superiors, business partners, and subordinates. This enhanced my management skills, fostering better relationships. Thank God for His guidance; I embrace the role of leadership and continue to improve. All glory to God, Hallelujah!...more

With God, I am no longer a Workaholic

Tony Zhang · Data Scientist

When I first entered the workplace, I worried that my personal mistakes might lead to phone service disruptions, causing anxiety in my work. I became a workaholic, which affected my family relationships. Through the MLI course, I learned to rely on God, my anxiety has been reduced and I understand that success comes from God. Now, I help and support young people with God’s wisdom. Thanks to God, all glory goes to Him....more

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