Nurturing brothers and sisters through the words of God, thereby Molding their spiritual Life and Character; providing all available platforms for exercising the operations of the Five fold Ministry, allowing everyone be raised up, life revived, spiritual gift be stirred up, influence be extended, thus becoming a transforming Great Army!

Program Content (4 Major Series)

Bible Series
Holy Spirit Series
Holiness Series
Ministry Series
Bible Reading Method
Prophetic Training 1
Waiting & Warfare
Basic Theology
Healing & Deliverance 1
Inner Life
Pastoring Basics
Walk Through the Bible
Physical Healing 1
Basic Life Characters
Basic Preaching
Land Theology
Five-Fold Ministry
Financial Freedom
Expository Preaching
Kingdom Theology
Team Ministry Building
Friendship & Marriage
Life & Ministry
Old Testament Outline
Pastoring the Market Place Leaders
God's Worker
Gospel & Mobilization
New Testament Outline
Phophetic Training 2
Understanding Self
Family & Counseling
Advanced Bible Reading Method
Healing & Deliverance 2
Jerusalem of the Bible
Power of Testimony
Biblical Feast Days
Spiritual Mapping
To be a Father, To be a Son
Morning Devotion: Rhema Application
The Power of God's Word
Heling & Deliverance Clinic
Living Under Cover
Power of Praise & Worship
Hebraic roots of Christian Faith
Four keys of Power
Spiritual warfare: Keys to victory
Discipleship keys

** Teachers Team **

Rev. Esther Kong

Senior Pastor of GA611 BOL

Rev. Amos Heng

Assistant Senior Pastor of GA611 BOL

Rev. Philip Chin

GA611 BOL Department Head of Church Plant & Research

Rev. David Thien

GA611 BOL Department Head of Education & Equipment

Rev. Sarah Chang

GA611 BOL Department Head of Pastoring & Prayer

Rev. Ezekiel Chong

GA611 BOL Department Head of Evangelism & Media

Rev. Nataniel Chow

Rev. Joshua Chang

Father Anton Cruz

Rev. Hanson Fan

Rev. Bambang

Rev. Jason Wang

Pastor Anna

Pastor Charlotte Tsen

GA611 BOL Department Head of Hospitality

Pastor Helen Fung

GA611 BOL Department Head of Admin & Support

Pastor Elijah Ooi

GA611 BOL Person-In-Charge of Prayer Department

Pastor Ezra Lee

GA611 BOL Person-In-Charge of Cedar Pastoral (Elderly)

Pastor Hannah Yong

GA611 BOL Person-In-Charge of Encounter Camp

Pastor Moses Lee

GA611 BOL Person-In-Charge of GaYouth

Intern Pastor Ruth Chen

GA611 BOL Head of Healing & Deliverance Ministry