Naoith Training School

May 25, 2016


To equip your child to be a leader in a safe and disciplined school, brave and capable of influencing people around them. Through these courses, children can understand God's Word better, knows God more, and knows himself more so that they can learn and practice prayer, prophecy, worship and evangelize.. so that they can participate in the service team through their spiritual gift.

Program Content
Power Ministry
Praise & Worship (Theory & Practical)
Prophetic Prayer
Prophetic Drawing
Shofar Blowing
Management of Gift,Financial and Time

拿约小学房快开课咯!凡是9岁到12岁的小孩,欢迎接受装备成为神国大军! 透过生动活泼教导及课程操练,小组互动,让孩子可以活学活用,更明白圣经的真理。装备內容:认识自己与团队、 先知与祷告、敬拜赞美、吹号角、铃鼓与挥旗。目标:建造成为生命树苗,长大成为有生命结果子的生命树,并有能力面对挑战的大军。上课时间:逢周六2:30pm-4.30pm上课地点:Dataran Hamodal报名费: RM50.00, 学费:每学期RM180.00( 三个学期)报名截止日期: 2/3询问: 谢瑞庄/韦丽莹Naioth School is starting soon! Any children from the age of 9 to 12 are welcome to receive the equipping to become the army of God! Through lively teaching,practical training and group interaction, children can learn and live out the Words of God and understand the truth deeper.Course content: Knowing Me and The Team, Prophetic and Prayer, Praise and Worship, Blow the Shofar, Tambourine and Banner Dance.Goal: To build up to become a Tree of Life that bear much fruits, and arise up to become a great army that is able to face challenges.Class on every Sat, 12pm-4.30pm Venue: Dataran HamodalRegistration Fee: RM 50Semester Fee: RM180 (3 Semesters)Closing Date: 2/3/2019Enquiry: Sharon Cheah/Winny Wai

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