Permit Revival To Materialize 3

Pursuant to the GE14 cataclysm, numerous hidden secrets were being exposed. As the nation moves back to its formative foundation, all these are signs of revival, though still as little sparks, but are nevertheless showing signs of spiritual restoration in our nation.

Our morning devotion continued on with Ezra, when cross-checking with the book of Nehemiah, we discovered Ezra brought about a spiritual revival at the Water Gate, but short-lived for only four months, as Ezra also discovered wide-spread sin amongst the priesthood and Levites, who continued to follow the ways of the Canaanites, Hittites, Perizzites, Jebusites etc. making themselves offensive to God. Did they not just proclaim God’s Word aloud at the Water Gate, having been stirred aflame in their faith? How did they fall into sin so soon? We need to ponder on it more in-depth, knowing what the next step should be!

We must remain alert in our life, take deep reflections accompanied by confessions of sin, and with regular evaluations on our life in God. Whilst we beheld great changes around us as God intervened, do we ensure corresponding changes in our mindset and deeds? If not, despite having moved into the desired revival, we will still return to our familiar old way.

The Israelites were then going through a revival, but continued in their old lifestyle being grievous to God through their sins, “For they have taken some of their daughters as wives for themselves and their sons, so that the holy seed is intermingled with the peoples of those lands. Indeed, the hand of the leaders and rulers has been foremost in this trespass.” (Ezra 9:2) As they intermarried with the Canaanites, they allowed idols to gain entry, leading to being defiled by idolatry. Idol worship was the main reason for their exile for 70 years. It was with great efforts for their return to Jerusalem, seeing a little bit of revival, possessing the promised land with much struggles, yet due to incomplete individual repentance, they were susceptible to reversing into past sinfulness . God is the Holy God, He would not tolerate the presence of false gods amongst the Israelites. When the life foundation has a problem, in spite of clear external signs of revival, it will just be a short-lived revival, and will not reach its fullness without deep rooted changes in life.

How can a revival continue? It must involve intimate pursuit of God, accumulating daily experiences in the LORD, thus consolidating a spiritual life system thereby avoiding departure from God in time of a crisis. Without a deeper awakening and repentance in man, despite much visible revival signs, the eventual genuine revival will not arrive!

Ezra felt deep sorrows as he heard reports of their conditions, “he tore his garments and robes, pulled out his beard and hair, and sat down in fears and astonishment.” (Ezra 9:3) This group of people experienced God in a great way, yet much short of deeper and more lasting repentance, truly a pity!

Today, we have known and willing to follow God, also personally witnessed His miraculous deeds in our nation, but let us not become negligent , but to remain alert, and continue to build on our foundation of faith, allow our mind to be renewed constantly, such that we can hold on firmly and stand strongly as we face the next wave of changes.

Brothers and sisters, revival has yet to manifest in its fullness, let us continue to lay our faith’s foundation, continue with our watch & exercise prayers and to nurture the godly next generation, thereby ensuring the revival to take root, and continue to its fruition!