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五月 25, 2016

GA Star Kids

8.30am (第一堂) 每逢周日
11.00am (第二堂) 每逢周日
地方: 神所喜悦, Dataran Hamodal

4.00pm (第三堂) 每逢周六
地方: 麦比拉, Dataran Hamodal


2.00pm - 3.30pm
地方: 麦比拉, Dataran Hamodal


我禾我家于2019年8月16去安心紫薯园《一日游》。目的是要让在城市长大的孩子在学校假期中走出钢骨森林,亲近大自然。 刚开始孩子们都不敢接触土地, 后来他们突破自己的障碍, 亲自用双手挖番薯、体验摘玉蜀黍、 认识一些不曾在城市里看见的果树。接触大自然让我们惊叹神奇妙伟大的创造,大家都玩得不亦乐乎。On August 16, 2019, Me and My Household had a “One Day Trip” in Semenyih Sweet Potato Farm. The purpose of this trip is to let the children who grew up in the city to walk out from concrete forest during the school holidays and get close to the nature. At first, the children did not dare to touch the soil, later they overcome it and hands on digging the sweet potatoes, harvest corns, and get to know some fruit trees that they have never seen in the city. Back to nature makes us marvel at the wonderful and great creations of God.

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拿约小学房快开课咯!凡是9岁到12岁的小孩,欢迎接受装备成为神国大军! 透过生动活泼教导及课程操练,小组互动,让孩子可以活学活用,更明白圣经的真理。装备內容:认识自己与团队、 先知与祷告、敬拜赞美、吹号角、铃鼓与挥旗。目标:建造成为生命树苗,长大成为有生命结果子的生命树,并有能力面对挑战的大军。上课时间:逢周六2:30pm-4.30pm上课地点:Dataran Hamodal报名费: RM50.00, 学费:每学期RM180.00( 三个学期)报名截止日期: 2/3询问: 谢瑞庄/韦丽莹Naioth School is starting soon! Any children from the age of 9 to 12 are welcome to receive the equipping to become the army of God! Through lively teaching,practical training and group interaction, children can learn and live out the Words of God and understand the truth deeper.Course content: Knowing Me and The Team, Prophetic and Prayer, Praise and Worship, Blow the Shofar, Tambourine and Banner Dance.Goal: To build up to become a Tree of Life that bear much fruits, and arise up to become a great army that is able to face challenges.Class on every Sat, 12pm-4.30pm Venue: Dataran HamodalRegistration Fee: RM 50Semester Fee: RM180 (3 Semesters)Closing Date: 2/3/2019Enquiry: Sharon Cheah/Winny Wai

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C.I.A Camp ~ GASK

都市特工营 City Intelligence Camp - CIA (29/11/2016 - 2/12/2016)边玩边学四天三夜的营会,让孩子们非常兴奋同时大大经历神。透过营会课程,孩子学习认识及情绪管理,沟通与表达,彼此尊重,团队合作,互相补位。In these four days and three nights camp, children were excited and they greatly experience God. Through the fun-filled camp lessons, children learn to understand and manage their emotion, to express and communicate, mutual respect, teamwork, to complement each other etc. 当中有很多小朋友是第一次离开父母,他们要学习在没有父母在旁督促和提醒下,要自立并且与其他的小朋友共处。To some of the children, it was their first time leaving home without parents. And out of their comfort zone, they learn to be independent and learn to collaborate with the other children.也透过琴与炉的环节,孩子经历情感的医治与释放,生命得着更新。 In the harp and bowl session, children experienced healing and deliverance of feeling and emotion, their life were changed.在孩子期待已久到水上乐园的户外活动时间,从下雨到天空放晴,孩子经历祷告蒙神垂听。The children long waited for the outdoor activities in water theme park, but it was raining during the time. The children prayed and God answered their prayer, and God gives us a sunny weather. The children were so overwhelmed by the faithfulness of God and they really have an enjoyable time at the theme park.

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