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五月 25, 2016
GA Uni Altar Building Flashback - 10.08.2019

#GAUni Altar Building Flashback - 10.08.2019 A witness to the remarkable milestone - "Discover, Equip, and Empower" And we are going to move into the new worship place very soon!!#AmazedByGod #Grateful #52Picture

Posted by GA Uni on Ahad, 8 September 2019
【The Supernatural Faith】- Flashback

【The Supernatural Faith】- Flashback FaiTh allows us to experience every Bible scripture in the 【NOW】! And we need 【Mega Faith】 at time such this. Mega Faith ✓Releases Mega Anointing✓Turning the hearts of the generation back to the Father✓And here comes, the Revival! Please Like & Share with your friends, when multitudes come together with faith, we have a Nuclear Faith! #SupernaturalFaith #Revival #GAUni #52Picture

Posted by GA Uni on Khamis, 22 Ogos 2019
Breakthrough Camp

【3D2N Breakthrough Camp】--- ✨Flashback in 5 mins✨We are amazed with the works of the Holy Spirit! We have seen ❖Spiritual & Physical Breakthrough, ❖Self-image Restored, ❖Healing, ❖Deliverance, ❖Rain Stopped through God's Interference in the realm! #BreakthroughCamp #HolySpiritWorks #GAUNI #52Picture

Posted by GA Uni on Jumaat, 28 Jun 2019
踏出信心的一步 Take A Step of FAITH

如果我们要看见 #神的大能,是需要冒险的,是要踏出 #信心的一步!马太福音 14: 28-29彼得说:“主,如果是你,请叫我从水面上走到你那里去。”耶稣说:“你来吧!”彼得就从船上下去,在水面上走,要到耶稣那里去。If we want to see the #AlmightyPowerOfGod ,We need to take risk,We need to #TakeAStepOfFaith !Matthew 14: 28-29Peter said: “Lord, if it is You, command me to come to You on the water.”Jesus said: “Come.” And when Peter had come down out of the boat, he walked on the water to go to Jesus.

Posted by GA Uni on Rabu, 8 Mei 2019

【Coffee With Holy Spirit 🕊】7 classes leading you through, not only to know the Holy Spirit in Truth, but to have divine encounter with the Holy SpiritSee you there! ✔ 2nd March - 13th April (Every Sat)✔ 3pm✔ Kebar, 1st Flr Dataran Hamodal✔ For all who's under 30s (Students & Young Working Adults)!#CoffeeWithHolySpirit #GloriousEncounter #GAUni

Posted by GA Uni on Rabu, 27 Februari 2019

❴避难所❵当你遇见生命的风暴感觉很无助甚至想要放弃的时候请不要忘记神为你预备了一个避风港名叫 - 耶稣 ...【Refuge】When the storms of life come to youWhen you felt hopelessWhen you wanted to give upPlease do not forget thatGod has prepared a refuge for youHis name is - Jesus... ...#GAUni #Jesus #MyRefuge

Posted by GA Uni on Sabtu, 29 Disember 2018
✨It's You, Who Gave Me the Direction In My Life✨

“不要怕,只要信”如果知道永恒和盼望是什么就能知道如何面对未知的明天生命的导航 —— 耶稣✨It's You, Who Gave Me the Direction In My Life✨Life is just like a sailboatWhen there's no destinationIt'll just wander on the raging seasIt’s You, who gave me the direction in my LifeJesus is there all times; He is always there and never leave. #HeIsGod #GAUni

Posted by GA Uni on Sabtu, 27 Oktober 2018